The dark side of traveling
AdventurerĀ Treks and Tours

AdventurerĀ Treks and Tours Review

There’s a reason why I have waited more than a week to write a review of the tour company (AdventurerĀ Treks and Tours) I recently traveled with. I went to Skardu for which I was already mentally prepared that it’s a tough journey. So what happens is that when you’re back and you’re exhausted you need someone to blame and tour…

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Satpara Lake

How travelling helped me through depression

Background… It seems like I’ve had depression since forever but that’s not really the case. In the fall of 2012, without any apparent reason, I started to feel really low almost all the time but it wasn’t until 2016 that I reached out for professional help. I started having weekly sessions with a psychotherapist. In 2016 when things got really…

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