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5 things to do in Bali if you’re a nature lover!

I had around 8 days to explore Bali and I realised after it was too late that 8 days are nowhere near enough to see all the beauty of Bali. They are still so many places I wanted to see but I had to come back. Sadly, such is life.

I do however feel that if I had done a little bit of more homework, I could have utilised my time better. Like I’m a nature lover. I’m not into architecture. Not very interested in historical places either. Animals are not all my thing. So I could have maybe prioritised my list of things to do according to that and instead of seeing countless temples which are almost the same I could have seen another waterfall.

Anyway enough about what I could have done. Let’s focus on what you can do if you’re a nature lover visiting Bali.

  1. Sekumpul Waterfalls.

    sekumpul waterfall           

    This is top on my list. If you go there early morning it is very peaceful there. The serenity makes that place so surreal that you begin to think you’re in a dream or a movie. Here’s my experience of Sekumpul Waterfalls.

  2. Mount Batur


    This is second on my list only because it’s very crowded. But if you talk about the scenic views, it will take your breath away. Usually, people hike there to the see the sunrise. It’s a beautiful sight. You are above the clouds and there is another huge mountain in front of you and a beautiful lake. Here’s my experience of Mount Batur 

  3. Tanah Lot

    I’m a sucker for sunsets. At Tanah Lot, I saw the most dramatic sunset I’ve ever seen. Same problem with this place that it’s too crowded, but we can’t just erase all the people just because you don’t like crowded places now, can we? (If yes! Please get in touch with me)

  4. Rice Terraces

    They have a very beautiful landscape. From planting rice to harvesting it, the whole process seemed very magical to me for some reason. The only thing that brings you back to reality is the heat. Not kidding, the heat acts as a reality check when you get lost in the beautiful views there.

  5. Uluwatu temple


    I know, I know I said all the temples are almost the same but the reason I’m putting this on this list is not really because of the temple but the location of this temple and this place is also famous for beautiful sunsets which I didn’t have a chance to see but maybe you can plan your day such that you get there around sunset time.

That’s five things that I enjoyed most in Bali. But there are other places like Gigit Waterfall that I wish had time to see. So if you travel to Bali make sure you do add these in your plan so you don’t miss out on the best parts of Bali.

Let me know in comments if there are other places you think belong to this list 🙂

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27 thoughts on “5 things to do in Bali if you’re a nature lover!

  1. Nature lover here! I appreciate this post so much more than you know! Most people attribute Bali to the beaches and partying I find, that a post like this is exactly what I need to inspire me to go back and wander through nature!

    1. That’s great but I’d say go before there is nothing left to see. It has become a popular tourist destination and it won’t be long before it looses its natural charm!

  2. My friend and I just entered a contest to win a trip to Bali! I’m definitely going to take this list with us. Bali is on my list even if we don’t win, so this list shall be utilized!

  3. Oh my gracious that is beautiful! One of my goals for the upcoming years is to travel but never considered Bali. Wow.

    Finally having a job with vacation time is nice but no way will I be able to take more than 8 days either haha. Please continue to share.

  4. I too love to get away from the big towns in Bali and get back to nature! One of my favourite places is Munduk, where you can hike to see beautiful waterfalls and also the largest banyan tree in the world! Gorgeous natural wonders to be found

  5. Thanks for the post! I loved Nusa Lembongan, an island about 30 minutes by boat from Sanur, for its nature. There aren’t cars on the roads but mostly scooters. It’s rugged and absolutely stunning! The snorkeling/diving is incredible, too. Such vibrant colors and beautiful waters.

  6. I was planning to visit Bali while going to Delhi. However, reading this post I learned even 8 days aren’t enough whereas I was thinking to stay for only 4. I’ll read more about your experience and then decide if I can visit there for 4 or 8 days?

  7. I’ve wanted to go to Bali for a long time. Your post makes it look even more beautiful than I imagined! Love your photos from the Rice Terraces!

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