Adventurer Treks and Tours Review

There’s a reason why I have waited more than a week to write a review of the tour company (Adventurer Treks and Tours) I recently traveled with. I went to Skardu for which I was already mentally prepared that it’s a tough journey. So what happens is that when you’re back and you’re exhausted you need someone to blame and tour company is the easiest target. So I didn’t want my review to be biased because of the exertion.

I would rate this company 6 out of 10.

The tour guide:

Ali Raza Changezi was the one leading the group and as a person, I really found him very nice and helpful. He didn’t have the leader like attitude. He’d help with anything and everything he could. There were times he left his seat and stood for hours so others can sit. He’s very friendly and accommodating.
I’m sure you all thought that there is a “but” coming and yes you are right. As helpful as he was, he failed to be a leader. When we were faced with some uncertainty (i.e we got stuck in Skardu because of land sliding) we needed a leader to take lead or at least help us decide what to do (whether to take the alternate route or wait for the roads to open). Ali became totally silent and it was almost like he wasn’t even there. That was a bit disappointing.

The driver:

Khurram was the name of the driver who took us to Skardu. Against popular opinion, I think he was an expert driver. I’ve been to mountains about a hundred times and I can tell when I see a good driver.

Unfortunately, there’s a “but” again. His attitude was very condescending and arrogant. He grew a grudge against a few members of the group and constantly mocked them through the eight days trip.

The company:

There’s a fort in Skardu known as Khaplu Fort which is a famous tourist attraction. Personally, I don’t like forts and I’ve seen enough of them so I didn’t mind skipping this one especially after hearing that it’s a 6 hours drive. But I don’t want this review to be based on personal likes and dislikes. Adventurer Treks and Tours has mentioned Khaplu Fort in this trip’s itinerary with a picture. The guide said it’s not worth going and that we should instead go to Muntokha Waterfall. The whole group agreed except four people who wanted to see Khaplu Fort.

Now my question for Omar Javaid is that if Khaplu Fort is such a waste of time why do they put it in the itinerary in the first place? If it was for marketing than that is ethically wrong and they should stop doing that in future.

The services:

Other than the issues mentioned above I’m satisfied with their services. The hotels were neat and clean which is very important and most tour companies fail to provide. The food was good too.

Have you traveled with Adventurer Treks and Tours? How was your experience?


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