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Budget for one week in Bali

The first concern when planning a vacation is usually regarding finances. For some, it could be time but as they say, time is also money. So I thought I’d write a post in which I’ll answer some of the questions regarding money so you plan your budget accordingly.


Getting around in Bali is comparatively expensive. When I tried figuring out where I spent all my money other than hotel and air tickets, all I could think was the taxi fares. So my suggestion is that if you know how to ride a bike/scooter/motor whatever you call it, take one on rent and it will be very economical for you. Just to give you an idea: in 8 days I spent almost 150$ on transportation and that is other than the booked excursions which had their transfers included.

BlueBird taxi is comparatively less expensive so if you don’t plan on taking a scooter on rent you can download Bluebird on your phone. It works like Uber. I’m suggesting Bluebird instead of Uber because there is a lot of controversy around Uber in Bali. Some local says it illegal and I’ve seen some sign boards in some places which indicate Uber is not allowed in that specific area. Hence I preferred BlueBird.


So I stayed for 5 days in a Yoga Retreat in Mengwi area and for last 2 days, I stayed Harris Hotel in Seminyak which I booked through This yoga retreat was amazingly cheap. It was a package of 8 days (all inclusive) in 310$. Harris Hotel cost me around 70$ for two days.

If you’re not a fan of crowded places, I’d suggest you stay in the north of Bali. Mengwi area is nice for those who enjoy nature. But if you’re a beach or party person, Seminyak would suit you better. Seminyak beach was about 10 mins walk from Harris Hotel Seminyak. Also, it’s services are amazing. They have nice rooms and a nice restaurant on the premises and also a Spa.


The Indonesian currency is super confusing. And for some odd reason, the locals say the short version of the amount assuming the other person would understand themselves. For e.g. my bill was 600,000 and the local said I owe him 600 which had me confused all the time. There were a lot of instances I didn’t buy something because I couldn’t understand how much it was really costing me and I was too lazy to check on my phone. My solution to this was that I’d ask them to tell me the price in dollars.


This part is obviously only relevant if you are from my city. I took the cheapest flight which cost me around $670. It was Malindo Air and had an 11-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur. Also only one out of four flights had an entertainment setup in it. And the food wasn’t very good either.

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