Deosai – The land of Giants

The only thing that brings you to reality in Deosai is a headache and sickness that comes with high altitude. Deosai with an elevation of 13,497 ft above sea level is one of the highest plateaus in the world.

On our second day in Skardu, we took off to Deosai. Deosai is accessible from two places: Skardu and Astore. We left our hotel in Skardu around 9 am. The track that leads to Deosai is not preferable for big vehicles so we left our coaster behind and hired three jeeps to take us there.

Satpara Lake

Our first stop was Satpara lake which has now become a dam that provides electricity to around 30,000 houses in Skardu. Satpara lake reminded me of Attabad lake because of the color of its water. Satpara Lake is mostly green with shades of blue in it. It took around 30-40 mins drive from Skardu to this beautiful lake.

satpara lake

Deosai National Park

After a very tiring and steep ride of around one hour, we reached the starting point of deosai around 10:45 am. It almost instantly proved to be a lot more than I expected it to be. Little did I know there was so much more to come. Anyway, at this point, I decided to sit on the roof of the jeep so I could take in as much beauty as I could. This was the best decision I had taken on the trip.

Deosai Deosai

Bara Pani

Next up was Bara Pani. We reached there around 12:30 pm. There were a lot of other tourists to be seen in Bara Pani. A lot of people camp on Bara Pani to get a chance to see Brown Bears and a beautiful sky full of stars. After spending 20 30 minutes at Bara Pani we resumed our journey to our last and most beautiful stop.

Deosai Deosai

Sheosar Lake

Around 2:30 we reached Sheosar Lake. This place is magical I tell you. Initially, all I wanted was to capture its beauty through my camera. But after a lot of failed attempts, I realized that some places aren’t meant to be justified in pictures. You actually have to see them in person to take in its beauty.

Sheosar lake Deosai Deosai

Altitude Sickness

Everything seemed unreal until altitude sickness hit me. It started with a strange headache soon after we came to Sheosar Lake but I forcefully ignored it. But when we headed back to Skardu I vomited like 8-10 times. People around me shared naughty smiles implying that there might be a “good news” but the guide confirmed that this happens to people coming to Deosai all the time and its because of the high altitude.

Deosai, Sheosar lake, Pakistan
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