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Four days in Sri Lanka: Honeymoon

I realized very early in my trip to Sri Lanka that I’ve chosen the wrong cities to stay in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka as I’ve heard and seen on internet is a wonderful place but my experience of it wasn’t as such. Because I choose the wrong parts of Sri Lanka. As it was my honeymoon I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands to research this place because I was busy with all the other wedding related stuff.

The whole plan was: 4 days in Sri Lanka (two in Colombo and two in Kandy) and 2 days in Maldives. But since the road from Colombo to Kandy is a very small one it almost took us 5-6 hours on each side which means we had one and half day in Colombo and one and half day in Kandy.

First stop: Kandy

In Kandy the weather was much better because it was a hilly area. We went in January but still it was around 30° C. There are a lot of famous temples in Kandy that you can visit. I am Muslim and I wear a hijab which is why they didn’t let me go inside most temples. For some reason in their religion it’s disrespectful to cover head inside the temple. It’s a bit puzzling for me because in Bangkok it wasn’t a problem at all. So I’m not sure if it’s the Buddhist thing or a Kandy specific thing.

There is giant Buddha statue that seems to be overseeing Kandy. Thankfully they let me see that.

Next we went for boating in the Kandy Lake.


Next stop: Colombo

We got to Colombo around 3 pm. Checked in. Went to see a mosque and later went to Galle Face beach to see the sunset. Colombo’s weather was very dehydrating.

In Colombo I stayed at Ozo Colombo which is a very nice hotel. Our room had an ocean view.  The manager of this place was really nice and made sure we were comfortable.

In Colombo we went to see couple of temples and other historic places. We also went for an Ayurvedic message and consultation. (I’m a VATA person :P). Next up we went to Mount Lavina Beach to see the night life there. We had a candlelight dinner.

Later that night was our flight to Male for our last stop. You can read about that here. Honeymoon in Maldives.

Things I wish I had known before visiting Sri Lanka:

Like I said earlier I didn’t have enough time on my hands to research this country before planning this trip and entirely left it on my travel agent and I regret that to some extent.

If I go to Sri Lanka again some day, the following places will definitely make it to my Itinerary:

  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Negombo
  • Bentota
  • Ella
  • Hatton
  • Adam’s Peak
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