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Beach, Sunset, Parasailing and much more in Phuket

Thailand’s Reputation

I hate to admit that I was so naive that I didn’t know the kind of reputation Thailand had. When so many people asked me with their eyebrows raised if I’m travelling to Thailand to have bachelorette party I didn’t know what exactly they meant. And I guess my father didn’t know about Thailand’s reputation either, otherwise he wouldn’t have let me travel alone.
After spending four days in Kuala Lumpur, I flew to Phuket. Their airport didn’t impress me much. I’m an airport person. I like airports and I partially judge places by their airports and I know it’s wrong and I’ve been proven wrong a lot of times for e.g. I didn’t like Cappadocia’s airport but it was a beautiful place. But I can’t help it.

My hotel in Phuket

Anyway, so my guide came to pick me up from the airport and took me to my hotel which was like an hour long journey. I got to my hotel and got that butterflies in my stomach that I get every time I have a feeling I’m going to love my hotel. In case you’re wondering I have discussed this with my therapist. He says that there is nothing wrong in it. It’s just that I connect to places more than I connect to people. My room was nice. It was a little small but I think that was because in Kuala Lumpur I had stayed in an executive room and this one was a standard room.

The amazing sunset…

I slept for a while and then I went to the beach which was only two minutes walk from my hotel. I took some pictures and then sat there. Although I’m not a big fan of beaches but I do feel I can watch the waves for a very long time. It’s kind of therapeutic. I watched the sunset on the beach for the first time. And needless to say, I loved it. The sky was changing colors by the minute. It was very captivating.

Thailand, Phuket, SunsetThailand, Phuket, SunsetThailand, Phuket

Exploring the city

After sunset, I went to the market place just outside my hotel. I was looking for a memory card for my camera because the one I was using got corrupted. Oh and if you ever go to Thailand don’t forget to bargain. After a bit of shopping, I went for dinner. It was an Indian place. The owner was speaking Hindi which is very similar to my language i.e. Urdu. So I kind of got a sense of familiarity which was nice. I had my dinner and went back to the hotel to sleep. I was very tired and got to sleep as soon as I went to bed.

Phuket View Point

Next day I had breakfast and my tour guide was waiting for me. She was a nice lady named Pam. She took me to a Buddhist temple. I remember that it was very hot that day. Next, we went to a viewpoint which I found very peaceful and mesmerizing. The view was obviously nice but what made that place amazing was a man playing a violin. He was really good at it. I sat there for like fifteen to twenty minutes watching the waves and listening to some great music.

Thailand, Phuket

Next, we went for an elephant ride. I was hesitant for a moment. I’m not an animal person. A lot of people find that surprising for some reason because I love nature. But I still went for the ride. It was okay. Nothing exciting or anything. After that, we went to the Tiger Zone and I didn’t go in the cage even though my guide insisted that I should do that. I watched those beauties from afar and left. My guide dropped me back to the hotel and I went to the beach again to watch that beautiful sunset.


Phi Phi Island

Next day I went to Phi Phi Island by ferry. And I’m a McDreamy fan so naturally, I love ferry boats. The ride to Phi Phi Island from Phuket was pure beauty.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand, Phuket, travel, PhotographyPhi Phi Island, Thailand, Phuket, travel, Photography

When we reached Phi Phi Island I went exploring the island while the rest of the group went for snorkeling. I didn’t know how to swim so they didn’t let me go in the water. We had lunch there which was very tasteless. To satisfy my taste buds I had Cornetto Double Chocolate after lunch. We stayed there for a while and headed back to Phuket. Once again I found myself on the beach waiting for the sun to set when I saw people parasailing and after much too much thinking I finally went for it and that was the highlight of my trip to Phuket. I can’t possibly explain in words what it felt like sailing in the air above the water and watching that beautiful sunset. I had a video made and every time I watch that video I get goosebumps.

Next stop: Bangkok

Our next stop was Bangkok. And to be very honest I didn’t like Bangkok much. Phuket was much better. Maybe because I was tired and homesick or maybe because I’m not really a party person. What I did like was their transportation system which was very tourist friendly. And also the Chatuchak Market. I went crazy over there. I got shoes and bags and dresses and what not. Everything was so cheap there. Another thing I love about Thailand is the very obvious; their massage centers. I had a lot of foot massages in that trip. They are so amazing and so cheap. But I was kind of taken back by the number of Ladyboys in Thailand. They’re like everywhere. They kind of make me nervous. For some reason, I feel very awkward interacting with them.

Thailand, Temple, Buddhist, Bangkok, travel, Photography Phi Phi Island, Thailand, Phuket, travel, Photography

Anyway, It was overall an exciting trip mainly because I was traveling alone and when you’re traveling alone everything seems more exciting than it really is.

47 thoughts on “Beach, Sunset, Parasailing and much more in Phuket

    1. I went for snorkelling in Maldives this year and it was amazing. Couldn’t go too deep because I still don’t know how to swim. Anyway, you should see Thailand, It’s a beautiful place.

  1. What a wonderful place to visit. Your photos are postcard perfect and I feel like I’m there right alongside. I can’t believe how beautiful the sunset was. Mother Nature sureoutdid herself on that one!

  2. I am bookmarking is as I have been thinking of going to Thailand for a long time. I have heard go Phuket but never heard of Phi Phi Island. Thanks for sharing I will research this and make some plans now ?

  3. Amazing photos! Thailand has been on my bucket list for long and your post is pushing my urge to travel a bit further lol. I liked how realistic you were about your experience. Indeed, travel isn’t always about perfect moments and misses do add a character to your post. Loved it ?

  4. I was suggested to visit phi phi island but avoiding phuket since too touristic and far away from the genuine Thailand. I’d go also in Pukhet and like you I would find a way to admire it genuinely. looks great

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand. I think it’s so cool and awesome of you to travel alone on your own adventure! All of your pictures are beautiful, especially the sunset ones at the beach! If I do go, I’ll know some awesome places to visit! ?

  6. Thanks for this post – Well written! I love articles that have beautiful pictures of the beach – you have captured the place very well. It reminded me of my visit to Phi Phi 2 years back

  7. Thailand does seem to have a reputation, but it also has so much beauty for those of us who don’t go for the typical types of Thailand holidays that it is infamous for. There are so many beautiful places to see and to experience. I’m glad your Father didn’t know about the reputation and that you were able to experience Thailand.

  8. I spent one week in Phuket a couple of years ago which was loads of fun. Ko Phi Phi island is very pretty indeed! We went scuba diving there ? You should definitely learn swimming – snorkeling can be so beautiful!

    1. Yes it’s on my list. I did snorkel in Maldives but didn’t go deep because of the life jacket. I definitely need to learn how to swim.

  9. This is a stroke of luck stumbling upon this post as I’m going to Phuket for the first time this year! I will have to try phi phi island! It looks beautiful!

  10. I had no idea Thailand had a reputation. Either way .. it looks like such a wonderful place to visit. Your sunset photos are stunning. Way to go Mother Nature!

  11. Beautiful place! We were just in Bangkok/Koh Chang last December, but didn’t stop in Phuket. Thanks for sharing photos of a new place for me. πŸ™‚

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