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Sekumpul Waterfalls: Heaven on Earth!

Sleepy driver

On my way to Sekumpul waterfalls, I realised the ride was kinda funny and notice my driver for the day was struggling hard to stay awake. I’ve had similar experiences before with other drivers and I really wonder if it happens just with me or is it that normal for people to fall asleep while driving?

It was five a.m in the morning so its kind of understandable. Anyway, I told him that I needed some caffeine. So he stopped at the nearest coffee shop and I insisted that he should have some too. He insisted on paying but I refused.So back in the car I read the voucher and found out that coffee, snacks breakfast and lunch was included in the tour. I instantly felt a little embarrassed for thinking that my driver was flirting with me when he offered to pay for the coffee. But you know in my defence, he could have just mentioned that it was part of the package instead of acting like he was paying out of his pocket.  😒

Getting to the Sekumpul waterfalls

It was around one and a half hour drive to the start of the waterfalls. Then my driver handed me over to a tour guide and we started walking towards the jungle. After going down a bit I saw the waterfall and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. There are total seven waterfalls there. You have to go down a flight of 300 stairs to reach the waterfalls. Going down is very easy but when you’re coming come back those 300 seems like 3000 stairs. At least for me. And you must already know how unfit I am. So maybe it’ll be nothing for those who are physically active in their routine.


The tour guide who took me to the waterfalls had awesome photography skills too. Isn’t that just great? He took my DSLR and kept taking my photos. I still haven’t transferred them to my system yet but I’m sure he took nice photos. I saw a few of them. Talking about cameras I also noticed that my Samsung S7 edge takes amazing pictures. A lot of times I preferred taking photos from my phone instead of my DSLR which is Nikon D5300. All the pictures I’ve uploaded on this post and the one before this are taken from my phone.


Here’s some free advice if you are a nature lover and you go to Bali, don’t just go to the beaches. Sekumpul waterfalls are amazing for those who aren’t too happy about how crowded the south of Bali is. Go there early morning and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there. I went there around 8 in the morning and I was the only person there at the waterfalls at that time (except obviously my guide). Wear comfortable shoes and if you know how to swim take your swimming suit with you. Sunscreen if you’re worried about getting sunburned. I didn’t take any though.

Tourism and its side effects

A lot of times in Bali I thought that I took too long to come here because it’s too crowded by tourists now. I talked to some locals on this topic too. They were happy that tourism brings them money but naturally it also takes away something. Too much traffic and too many buildings in the south of Bali especially in Kuta. The north is still much better so that’s where I stayed. Going to Sekumpul waterfalls made me grateful that at least I’m not that late to visit this beautiful place. The human element has not been able to ruin these waterfalls yet.

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14 thoughts on “Sekumpul Waterfalls: Heaven on Earth!

  1. Hey! Nice write up about the Sekumpul falls! You should have an ABOUT page though! Would love to read more about you! I have some pakistani friends and it is so hard for them to travel :/

  2. Your driver! He would have made me a bit nervous. And, yes, he absolutely could have mentioned that the coffee was included. On the up side, beautiful falls and I hope you got some really awesome pictures!

  3. These pictures are awesome, the waterfall looks incredibly beautiful. Good on you for encouraging him to have caffeine! I’ll definitely keep this place in mind when I visit Bali.

  4. I’ve never heard of waterfalls in Bali, people usually only talk about the beaches. This would be a great idea to get away from all of the crowds! Great post, thanks for the tips!

  5. I have read an article about Sekumpul Waterfalls just a few days ago and it made me want to go there. Your article and picture made that feeling even bigger 🙂

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