Tips for the first-time solo traveler!

Since I recently came back from my first solo travel, I wanted to put down a few tips for the first-time solo traveler. A lot of people still consider solo traveling something very dangerous, especially for girls. In my experience, it’s all good if you just be careful about a few things. I recently got back from my first solo travel and here are a few things I wish I knew before and also few things that saved my day

  • Plan everything ahead
    Or almost everything. It’s okay to be spontaneous on your first solo adventure but make sure you have the big things covered like flights and hotels. You can plan your excursions as you go. Or you can keep everything spontaneous on your next adventure but if you’re traveling solo for the first time, it’ll be a lot easier if you have some sort of plan
  • Don’t let your phone die
    Make sure whenever you’re heading out, your phone is fully charged. I’d even say that you should have a power bank in case your battery dies.
  • Download the map
    Make sure before leaving that you have the map available offline. I use google maps and it has been very helpful. Wheather you’re looking for some resturants nearby or you’ve forgotten your way back to the hotel, Google maps can be a life saver.
  • Buy a local sim
    Buying a local sim makes it easy for you stay connected to internet and make local calls. A lot of times you need to call local numbers and Whatsapp isn’t always the option.
  • Keep photocopies of every important document
    Make sure that you have copies of your passport and other important documents. Also if you’re keeping the orginal in your suitcase, keep the copies in your handcarry and vice versa. So if you loose one piece you have copies in your other piece.
  • Always have a second opnion
    I’m specially talking about taxis here. I’ve had number of experiences where taxi drivers tried ripping me off because I’m a tourist. So now I’ve made a point to either check the estimated rate on Uber or jut ask the hotel reception how much they think the rate should be. Saved a lot of money by practicing this.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your company
    For me personally solo travelling is great beacuse I get in touch with myself. Don’t be in any rush to make friends. No doubt it has it’s own charm, meeting and getting to know people who come from a different background than yourself. But make sure you take full advantage of traveling solo and get to know yourself better before you get to know others.

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